Cinema is one of the most entertaining capsule that we Indian's love to consume . Cinema industry in India had crazy popularity that there will always be hype before ever film release happens in India. 

This crazy between people also cause breach in privacy , so many people who can't afford movie tickets search for a pirated copy on the internet. There are lots of torrent websites around internet, which provides all the Indian religion language movies for free of cost. 

So in this article we are going to know about one of the popular torrent website which gained huge audience in short period of time that is bolly4u

We are going to walkthrough - 
  • What is bolly4u 
  • How to use bolly4u 
  • How bolly4u website works
  • Why government blocked bolly4u
  • How to unblock bolly4u 
  • Live links to bolly4u

What is bolly4u ? is famous torrent websites which allows visitors to download almost all the movies for free. 

This website is mainly known for Bollywood & south Indian films , bolly4u is listed with more than thousands of latest movies copy's. 

How to use bolly4u ?

  1. First enter the URL in the web browser you are using. [ Chrome , Firefox , opera etc... ] 
  2. Once the hole webpage gets loaded you will find all the movies categoriesed neatly . 
  3. You will find all the religion language movies & webseries listed in the website.
  4. Then click on the movie or webseries that you want to watch online or to download.
  5. After that you will be redirected to another page where you get two options watch online or download 
  6. Click on the highlighted button to download in to your device or to watch them online. 

how bolly4u website works?

First torrent websites collects all the movies copy's from various sources like theatre prints , distributer leaks & many other illigal ways . Then they categories the movies copy's according language , movies quality [ 240p , 360p , 480p , 720p ]  & movies size in MB .

To make their websites live on internet they have to buy domain name & server to host the entire site . Now they upload all the movies into their server then design the whole website by listing all the movies on home page .

They will make redirect pages pointing to downloading page. Where visitors can download movies copy's from there Or to  watch online . 

How bolly4u earns money ?
Movies downlodeing websites have traffic in millions , they make use of that & earn money by showing advertisment . They won't get approval from legit advertising platforms as they are illigal websites , so they use advertising from third parties platforms . 

Torrent websites also use URL shortener websites to make money , as they tiny amount if a visitor click on that perticular link. Overall they generate decent amount of money from the traffic they get . 

why government blocked bolly4u ?

Because Indian government has strict law's against copyright & privacy laws . Websites like bolly4u , movierulz , 9xmovies , katmovies & so many other torrent websites were breaching the privacy by leaking latest released movies , this websites provided downlodeing options for latest movies this may leads to huge losses to film industry . 

Popular leak's by bolly4u - 
  • ala vaikunthapurramuloo full movie in hindi

  • good news movie in Hindi download on bolly4u

  • attraction full movie in hindi download 480p on bolly4u 

  • kadaram kondan movie download in hindi bolly4u 

Also  bolly4u trade category south hindi dubbed movies available on 720p and also many other popular films leaked on bolly4u website. 

So government has blocked this website from ISP side where user can't able access this website from internet side in india . 

How government blocks torrent websites? 
Government has full rights to block any sites if they going against laws . Government uses an simple technique to block this illigal websites , first they pass an order to telecom operators that is your internet service provider ( ISP ) . Then the telecom operators block the IP address of that perticular domain. so non of that internet user can access to that website.


How to unblock bolly4u ?

The question remains that can we still access the websites which were blocked by the government ?
Yes you can still access blocked website . As we know that the website is blocked from internet service provider, so we can create an private network to access bolly4u , that is vertual private network [ VPN ] .

Using vertual private network for accessing blocked website is where popular method . But the free VPN available in the market are most of them harmful because they collect too much data from a user and quite risky for your privacy too. So it's always recommend that use secure VPN's or else stay away from them . 

There are also so many clone websites of the main domain bolly4u with different extensions . Most of them are again blocked & there are only few which are still accessible, hear are some different & popular extensions of bolly4u. 


Should you use websites like bolly4u to download movies ?

Downloading movies on internet is pretty common & trending think . But you might don't know that because of downlodeing movies for free your putting your privacy & data in risk. The files you download from torrent websites are filled with malwares & that effect your device. 

Second think downlodeing pirated movies are illigal in India . So better to stay away from this torrent websites & use legit sources of platforms to watch tv shows or movies . 

Piracy breach is an really huge problem that effect film industry & movie maker financially a lot. So we need come forward & stay away from this piracy websites and supports watching movies in theatres.

Smartphones trend never support any kind of piracy activities . This article is purely ment for education purpose only. the above used images are copyrighted and belongs to their respective owners, we only own the entire written content . 
Smartphones trend always supports in favour of watching movies in cinema halls .