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Mythpat ( mithilesh patankar ) is a creative gamer , mimicry artist,  know for his YouTube channel MYTHPAT. 

Real name mithilesh patankar
Age 22
Date of birth 24 june 1998
Native place Mumbai Maharashtra
Religion Buddhism 
Hobbies Mimicry & gaming
Height   6'3 inch 
Weight80kg aprox
School Balmohan Vidyamandir 

Collage VIT Mumbai
Earnings source YouTube
Estimated earnings Aprox 3K$ to 5K$


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mithilesh patankar is creative gamer , a mimicry artist who is know for his YouTube channel called mythpat.

Mythpat is one of the most loved gaming YouTube channel where mithilesh post gameplay videos with his amazing mimicry skills and entertain his audience.

Early life 

mithilesh patankar aka mythpat born on 24 june 1998 in Mumbai Maharashtra his both father & mother were job holders . 

From childhood mithilesh loved to play  video games & he was shy kind of kid in childhood. 

mithilesh finished his school days in Balmohan Vidyamandir Mumbai .
Mythpat found jay vijay sachan mimicry on YouTube and he was very impressed by him And he do started learning mimicry from then .

YouTube journey - 

Mythpat used watch kwebbelkop gaming videos and got inspiration from then. and after 12th mythpat took CS in engineering streem in VIT Mumbai college. 

He started his YouTube channel 30 july 2018 . Posted his first video on sacred games mimicry
later he started posting videos on gameplay with mimicry of famous Bollywood actress.

Mythpat used to play GTA 5 moded version of Doraemon with his funny mimicry style of Doremon.

On 1st January 2019 mythpat posted video of Doraemon & nobita new year party in GTA 5 .
On 21st January 2019 that video went viral and audience started appreciating  his gameplay & mimicry skills .

Because of that perticular video mythpat channel got boost and after 4 months of that video that is on 19 april 2019, mythpat crossed 100K subscribers.

Mythpat Minecraft 

Mythpat plays a very popular sandbox video game called Minecraft

Mythpat face reveal 

On 16 November 2019 mythpat reveled his face till then he used to voice over behind his game play videos.  
Watch mythpat face reveal

Mythpat sister

prachi pisat

Mythpat sister name is prachi who got featured in one of the Mythpat video. 

Mythpat Instagram 

Image credits - mythpat Instagram
Source - rockstar dude YouTube