Filmy freaks around India are most of them are teenagers & students under the age 20-25 years . Most of them can't unable to afford film tickets and they struggle to find pirated copy's of the latest released movies. 

From then the torrent movies downloading websites come in to resume . There are hundreds of pirated movie downloading websites on internet . So we are going to walkthrough one of them in this article called 9xmovies. 



9xmovies is one of the most popular torrent movies downloading websites. where user can download the latest released Bollywood & other religion language movies for free on under the size of 300MB . 

In 2018 after the price hype of film tickets in India, users started to search for pirated movies on the internet. That's were 9xmovies website came into existence. 

The site 9xmovies.com has really ever green and simple user experience which allows users to download movies in the one click . Because of its minimal interface the website has got huge popularity among large number of audience. 

9xmovies pw

As you might know government takes strictly action against pirated movie downloading websites . The newly created 9xmovies.com got blocked in India in mid of 2018 . 

If any site gets blocked by the government the site owners creates new domain of that same site & leaks latest released movies . 9xmovies.pw is another popular domain which came into existence after getting block of the main domain . 

The Pw domain also got huge popularity among audience for Bollywood movies & it has options to select movie quality & size before downlodeing. This feature leads to better user experience & gained popularity in india .

Where is 9xmovies.pw now ?

The torrent websites in India are illegal & government doesn't allow website like 9xmovie to survive on the internet. So in 2019 the 9xmovies.pw website got blocked by ISP (internet service provider's) side. Which means users from india won't able to access those sites .

After getting blocked by the Indian government the developer's made more domain of those sites . The torrent downloading websites like movierulz , tamilrockers , 9xmovies and many other torrent websites have hundreds of sub-domains of the same name. 

Domains by 9xmovie 

As soon as a domain gets blocked the torrent websites owner creates many other similar domains by making similar changes in the domain name & changing its extension . The 9xmovies has also a lot of domains , as mentioned above .PW is one among them. 

In 2019 after the government raid towards torrent websites the 9xmovie. win entered the internet as its ditto copy of the other 9xmovies website . But 9xmovie.win had many additional features like subtitle in the movies , 7 different religion language dubbed movies , web series option , downlodeing options in 300MB and many other unique features that impressed filmy freak audience to download more pirated movies on their websites. 

Torrent websites featuring 9xmovie 
In India torrent websites gains huge number of audience base. people search for pirated copy's of latest released movies the traffic in this niche is among millions. So torrent websites owner makes too many similar websites like after the success of 9xmovies so many similar websites entered the market named 9xmovies.city 

9xmovies.city is another popular domain & a torrent website where you get dual audio options & different religion language options to download pirated copy's of latest movies. Along with 9xmovies.city there are many similar websites like 9xmovies.today , 9xmovies.win , 9xmovies.biz & so plenty other domains . 

9xmovies app 

Government can block a user from using a torrent website by blocking it through internet service provider . But its not possible for an mobile application ! People can still use blocked website through their office app . 

So all the torrent websites on the internet have their office android apps including 9xmovies app too. But playstore doesn't allow this kind of content downlodeing app to enter the playstore . So most of the torrent websites app are not available in the playstore or app store. But you find them in other third party websites . 

The 9xmovies app was launched in 2019 after getting too many websites block, they made an android app. The 9xmovie app was very similar to the website with minor downgrade features. 

At first 9xmovies app was published on playstore at it was live for more than 8 months in 2019. Playstore reviews apps in the end of the year and 9xmovies app caught for missleading the playstore terms  & guidelines . So playstore kicked 9xmovies app from playstore but the copy of that application is still available in internet on different application downlodeing websites. 

Is 9xmovies.biz still live ?

9xmovies.biz is another clone torrent websites, after getting banned of 9xmovies.green this website entered the torrent market in 2019. Even this website had many similar features like others apart from subtitle options in it .

9xmovies.biz had additional features where user has options to download Hindi movies under 300MB movies in 2018. The torrent websites get huge traffic in small period of time so even this site has came into notice by the government. 

The national security government passes an order towards telecom companies to block this perticular torrent domains & this is how 9xmovies.biz has also got blocked and it is no longer live in internet.

9xmovies.baby safe to use ?

Movies copy's which are uploaded in torrent websites contains malware which effect the user device. Sometimes the malware in the file that you downloaded is too harm full & effective that your personal information & other important data like password, bank details saved in your device may be Steeled. 

Same thing happened with the 9xmovies.baby website, the dot baby is domain extension used for the website 9xmovie . The report shows that the files been downloaded from the site 9xmovies.baby contains malware that impact the users device who Downloaded files for that perticular torrent website. 

So we always recommend visitors not to download any files/apps for unknown website or third party apps . Always use legit and trusted source to download files on the internet. 

Raise of torrent websites.

The torrent websites are in existence since decades. This trend is been from a very long time that people no need pay money for tickets to watch movies . Where they can watch or download movies for free in torrent websites. 
This trend arrived in India too in 2012, but population on internet was very less than in 2012 . Internet users are very less that on the ratio of 5 in 100. The piracy breach in India film industry was very less often in that time .

In early 2010 To watch movies in home most of the people used buy road side movies CD . The DVD cd where cheeper in price compare to movie tickets. So people preferred to buy CD then to watch movies in cinema halls. But it is illegal to sell or buy pirated movies CD copies, it is against the copyright law for distributing any music or video clip copy's. this strategy was also failed to filmy freaks to watch pirated movies in minimal price brackets. 

Slowly people started using internet in India in 2013 - 2014 but most of the people don't had much knowledge about downlodeing movies & files from the internet. Later people started involveing and there were really less torrent websites at that time . 

In 2016 internet price became so cheap that large number of audience started using internet because of jio free internet connection in 2016 . But along with that torrent websites number started increasing,  Options to download any religion language movies became more . This leads to huge losses in Indian film industry because of movies leaks & breach that impacted revenue of the movie collection. 

There was huge increase in privacy breaching websites as of free internet connection people were searching for torrent websites to download free movies . This leads to advantage of large number of traffic to torrent websites owners . So one upon another they built thousands of torrent websites including 9xmovies.today 

At the end of the year 2018 the torrent websites became so popular that the monthly traffic of this sites had more than 5million+ in every month. This sudden growth in the torrent websites after 2016 impacted Indian film industry expected worth of 300+ crore . Which is really huge losses to the production houses. Sites like 9xmovies.green has crossed breaching limits & it has leaked tamil , Telugu , Kannada & Hindi religion language movies with other torrent websites like katmovies , bolly4u & movierulz

Movies leaked by torrent websites. 

  • KGF 2 
  • Kabir singh 
  • Chichore 2019
  • dil bechara  
  • Love aaj kal 
  • thappad 
  • Super 30 
  • Saaho 
  • War 
  • tanhaji 
  • Article 15
  • Mission mangal

How torrent websites make money ?
So most of torrent websites on the internet are free. Sites like 9xmovies don't charge any think from the visitors . But they get backed charge for maintaining the whole website expenses like server charges etc.. so they make money from earnings sources like URL shortener , third party advertising products .

This torrent websites won't get approval from legit advertising companies so they monetize it through small scale advertising products or by URL shortener advertises . Sites like 9xmovies has too much traffic over millions so they generate heavy revenue from there traffic.

Downfall of torrent websites

It's really hard to survive for a torrent website for a long run in internet because not only in India all over the world the torrent sites are illegal . Government doesn't allow websites like 9xmovies to be live on internet as it is against copyright law. Providing free files of copyrighted films , audios , video clips & image metrials is crime. One should have a proper rights to upload an copyrighted material to a public domain. 

As this torrent website where breaching too much piracy & leaking the latest released movies government took a action against this websites and blocked them . So people around India can no longer able to access this site from there internet connection. This leads to big downfall of torrent websites . 

But still this site owners purchase so many domains of that similar name by adding numericals in front of it or by changing different domain names. Once there official domain gets blocked by the telecom operators , they re-enter the market again and again. 

This domain changing strategy has became very common thing among torrent websites including 9xmovies. Even 9xmovies have over hundreds of different domains, most of them are blocked and some others are still alive on the internet. 

How government blocks torrent websites ?
If any new torrent websites enters the market & if it gains minimal popularity among audience the government passes an order towards telecom companies [ like - JIO , airtel, vi  etc.. ] . Then the telecom operators block that perticular domain so that there network users won't able access that website. 

This is also called blocking by ISP Side . This is popular technic used to block over thousands of torrent , illegal & harmful websites. This helps users to access safe sites & it plays huge role in preventing movies leaks , less often of loss in Indian film industry

So now the question is, does this technique real blocks the website permanently or is this still accessible ? 
So websites like 9xmovies are just blocked from internet service providers it can be accessible through VPN. But lots of free VPN  available in market are not that Safe to use & not highly recommend. VPN are virtual private network that helps users to access internet through private network , this can also be used access blocked websites. 


So you might think that this torrent websites are free , and won't charge anything from you . But technically they charge your privacy and data which is more expensive . Most of this websites are filled with malwares & harmful files that effect not only your device but even your data too. 

See the things you download from third parties websites it may be movies , apps , image files etc... They were field with plenty of malwares. Most of them are very harmful that impact your devices & dangerous for your privacy. 

So it's always recommend that not download any files from unknown website. Always use trusted source to download things on internet like using Google play store for downlodeing secure apps. 

Coming on to the 9xmovies , there are really few domain still active this days. all most all the websites by 9xmovies are blocked by the telecom companies and have no access to them. its Always be better not to visit those torrent sites, because of downlodeing movies for free your putting your privacy on risk .

So always make sure that you serve safe websites and Download thinks from legit trusted source . If you wanna continue watching movies on your device you can use OTT platforms like hotstar or voot . Or else use Google play movies to watch older movies released in cinema halls. 
Piracy breach is an really huge problem that effect film industry & movie maker financially a lot. So we need come forward & stay away from this piracy websites and supports watching movies in theatres.

Smartphones trend never support any kind of piracy activities . This article is purely ment for education purpose only. the above used images are copyrighted and belongs to their respective owners, we only own the entire written content . 
Smartphones trend always supports in favour of watching movies in cinema halls .