Sonal kaushal
About : 
sonal kaushal
is a voice artist , she gave voice to many popular cartoon characters like chhota bheem , doraemon , pikachu & powerpuff girls  bubbles & many other cartoon characters . 

Real name Sonal kaushal
Age  30 [ as of 2021 ]  
DOB 11 june 1991
Education b'ed graduate
Profession voice artist
Live in Mumbai
Husband name utkarsh 
Height approx 5 feet 2 inch 
Hobbies singing 
Creative works
Art & craft 
Voice behind doraemon character
Chhota bheem

Networth aprox - 2-5 lakhs p/m 
Income source YouTube [ AdSense ]
Voice actings 
Voice dubbing projects 
Others ....

Early life - Sonal kaushal 

Sonal kaushal born on 11 june 1991 , she is from Delhi India but currently she is living in Mumbai . Sonal completed her education in Delhi , she graduated from B'Ed . 

Sonal kaushal started her voice acting journey when she was just 8 years old . Sonal's mother used to work in all Indian radio from there she got opportunity to work as a voice actor. 

Raise - 

Later in 2005 she got an offer to give voice to a popular character for a Japanese cartoon which is now very popular in India that is 'doraemon' . This was her first project , she started getting more projects after the success of doraemon voice .

Sonal kaushal also give voice to another popular Indian cartoon 'chhota bheem'. Sonal is working as voice artist for more than 15 years , she also performed voice for uncountable animated characters . 

She also gave many voices to movies which where dubbed to English to Hindi . Movies like Incredibles , Jurassic world , the secret Life of pets etc.. has Sonal kaushal Voice in it. 

More than 15 years she is been in voice acting yield . She also runs a voice institute training academy in Mumbai. Also she runs a popular YouTube channel named " The motor mouth " . 

Fame - 

As voice artist Sonal had good name & many projects in the voice acting industry but as a personality she got massive fan following after she went to Kapil Sharma show in 2019 . Sonal kaushal uploaded that video on YouTube thanking audience for the support she received after being in Kapil Sharma show.

That perticular video of Sonal went viral and her YouTube channel "The motor mouth" also got boost & audience started recognising Sonal kaushal as a voice artist. For that she got good face value on YouTube & other social media platforms. 

Currently Sonal kaushal posts interviews of popular characters voice artist , she posts short videos of voice acting , vlogs ,  voice acting tutorial  etc.... On "the motor mouth" YouTube channel. 

Most Googled Terms - Sonal Kaushal 

Sonal kaushal husband 

Sonal kaushal husband name is Utkarsh. 
Sonal got married in 2021 her husband name is utkarsh . these couple makes life style vlogs & post them on their second YouTube channel named " The motor mouth couple " . 

Why Sonal kaushal left doraemon voice ?
Sonal kaushal wording says that :
 - when the voice artist where busy or not available for some reason then mimicry artist will take over that characters voice . 
Same thing happened with Sonal kaushal while she went to Canada,  due to delay in doraemon episode production currently Disney is working with some other similar voice artists . Due to this reason people noticed a major change in new episodes of doraemon voice .

Sonal kaushal Instagram 

Lesser Known Facts About Sonal Chauhan 

  • Sonal kaushal completed her B'Ed degree in 2013 , she confessed that if she wasn't voice actor she has been in teaching field. 

  • Sonal kaushal got award for the best animation voice .

  • Sonal kaushal is also a part of voice institute training academy in Mumbai. 

  • Sonal kaushal also sang many kids rymes for Fun for kids TV YouTube channel. 

  • Sonal kaushal is very passionated about singing , Art & crafts are her most favourite hobbies .

  • Sonal kaushal born & brought up in Delhi but her most of the works & dubbing projects happens in Mumbai studios so she shifted to Mumbai. 

  • Through the motor mouth YouTube channel Sonal kaushal introduce talented voice artists . She wants to promote more talented young voice artists through her channel.