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Techno gamerz aka ujjwal Chourasia is one of the top leading gamers of India known for his YouTube channel techno gamerz , where he posts gameplay videos on GTA 5, Minecraft , dragon Ball z & other popular games. 
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Real name ujjwal chourasia
Age 19 years [as of 2021]
DOB 12 January 2002
Lives in Delhi , India
Height 5 feet 8 inch 
Profession gamer / Youtuber
Networth  1 - 5 crore approx
Income source Google AdSense

Early life - 

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Ujjwal chourasia aka techno gamerz born on 12 January 2002 [ as of 2021 he is 19 years old ] . Ujjwal also have a elder brother named Ankit chourasia ,  He is brought up in Delhi India & currently living in Delhi. 

From his childhood ujjwal was very passionated in gaming ,he used downlode games in mobile & enjoyed playing . The first ever game ujjwal played was snowbros.

Ujjwal used to download PC games in android mobile & GTA vice city was first open world game he played . His friends used to be surprised that he is playing Pc game in the mobile , so lot of his friends asked for the trick he used to download games. From then ujjwal's YouTube journey started . 

YouTube journey - 

Ujjwal started his first ever channel to share tricks from where he used to download games & share that video link to their friends . At early days ujjwal doesn't have his own phone , he used to make videos with his elder brother's phone . 

Ujjwal brother Ankit watched his videos & supported him to make more videos along with the studies . At first ujjwal made technical videos & gaming videos about downlodeing games & gameplay videos on his very first channel. 

After completing 12th grade ujjwal's brother Ankit motivated him to start a new channel & maintain a quality content in this new channel . In August 2017 ujjwal started Techno gamerz . Where he started uploading gameplay videos with commentary.

Raise - 

After uploading videos consistently audience started recogniseing ujjwal as techno gamerz , his gameplay videos & unique downlodeing tricks videos were loved by the gaming  audience . 

In early January 2019 techno gamerz YouTube channel crossed 1 lakh subscribers mark . Ujjwal kept on making quality videos & by this hardwork & consistency his channel got huge boost by end of 2019 he crossed many millions milestones & become top leading gamers of India. 

After this growth ujjwal kept on experimenting with his videos & games he play , from mobile games ujjwal did transaction to PC games . For the first time he uploaded a PC game gameplay video that  was on GTA 5.  Audience liked the story line up of the GTA 5 & demanded more videos on this game . 

Techno gamerz GTA 5 

Apart from GTA 5 ujjwal also plays so many different games including Minecraft , dragon Ball & many other games. After this raise in gaming field ujjwal started his second gaming channel with his name , where he uploads highlights & gameplay videos of PUBG , free fire , Minecraft live streams & more . 

As of 2021 Techno gamerz is one of the fastest growing youtube channel & it is now counted in Top leading gaming channels of India . Ujjwal is also one of the youngest gamer of YouTube India to cross this milestones . 

Frequently searched queries :

Who is techno gamerz ?
- techno gamerz is one of top leading gaming YouTube channel of India . Where ujjwal chourasia aka techno gamerz uploads gameplay videos of popular games with commentary .

What is the income of techno gamerz ?
- its estimated that techno gamerz earns around 7-10 lakhs from Google AdSense including sponsorships & other brand deals.

What is real name of techno gamerz ?
- techno gamerz real name is ujjwal chourasia. 

Where do techno gamerz live ?
- currently techno gamerz lives in Delhi India .