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Jeet selal is a popular fitness trainer , Nutrition expert , a Youtuber & founder of Himalayan stallion brand . Who is known for his amazing physique body & his YouTube channel named Jeet selal aesthetic

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Name Jeet selal
Age  29 [ as of 2021 ]
DoB 16 February 1992
Height 5 feet 7 inch 
Native Uttarakhand
Lives in Surat, Gujarat
Education sports science
Sports management

Profession  fitness trainer
Founder & Ceo 
Networth approx 50-60 lakhs
Wife name  Nisha selal

Early life - 

Jeet selal aesthetic

Jeet selal born on 16 February 1992 , his native is Uttarakhand , India . Jeet selal nationality is Australian & Indian . From the childhood jeet was passionate about sports & physical activities . 

At the early age jeet selal went to Australia to pursue his studies , there he completed sports science & double degree in sports management from UK . 

To spread awareness & educated people about fitness in a right way without using drugs or wrong supplement jeet selal started his YouTube channel named Jeet selal aesthetic . Where he started uploading quality videos on fitness training , workouts & right ways of using supplements. For his quality videos & his knowledge the channel has gained huge popularity among audience. 

He is also founder of fitness brand named Himalayan stallion . As of now he is running many champions , training academy to guide people & objective of creating an awareness regarding health & fitness amongst Indian communities and to work against the drug use/abuse in sports in India. 

Jeet has gained popularity among audience not just because of his amazing physique, but for his character, experience, knowledge and quality content in representing the sports fitness industry.

Jeet selal wife 

Jeet selal wife

Jeet selal wife name is Nisha selal . 
Both of them belongs to Uttarakhand , they first time meet in 2014 . After being in relationship jeet selal & nisha got married in December 2017 . Both the couples makes life style videos & vlogs in their second channel . 

Jeet selal aesthetics YouTube 


Lesser Known Facts About jeet selal 
  • Jeet selal completed his degree with sports management in UK , he was ex rugby sports manager .

  • Jeet selal is founder of the brand Himalayan stallion. Which was founded in December 2016 in Melbourne , Australia .

  • Jeet currently living in Surat Gujarat for his business purposes & champions he is conducting to spread awareness of anti-drug fitness training. 

  • Jeet selal wife is nisha selal , they both meet in the year 2014 , after being in relationship of three years they got married in December 2017 .

  • Jeet selal started his YouTube channel in January 2016 , his ambition with this channel is too make people aware & to share his good knowledge with audience.