Priyanka Bharali is a popular assamese singer & actor from Assam India , who is known for her famous albums like edhani kolija & Xotore Akakhot . 
Know more about Priyanka Bharali in this article .

Real name Priyanka bharali
Age 33 (as of 2021)
DoB 10 October 1988

Lives in Guwahati , Assam
Height 5 feet 4 inch
Profession singer

Husband name Jayanta kakati
Networth 50 - 60 lakhs
Hobbies singing

aahise durga maa
Mon mor
Fota juta
Heavy handsome
& So on....

bhupen hazarika award (2013)
 Gariyashi award (2021)
Aserenga rodali national 
award (2021)

Early life -

Priyanka Bharali born on 10th October 1988 in jorhat city state of Assam , India . As of 2021 Priyanka is 33 years old , she completed her schooling in Assam along with learning music & dancing . 

Priyanka was very passionate about singing from her very early age so she started learning music at the age of 12 by a teacher named Manish Bordoloi . After learning music for a years Priyanka started getting projects as a playback singer.

Raise - 

Priyanka bharali raised her fame for her album cover songs , she started singing from Jaanomi album in year 2009 when she was 21 years old . This perticular album gave Priyanka face value as a singer & then she got back to back opportunities to sing for large cap movies in Assam film industry. 

Audience also appreciated Priyanka bharali as a singer for her beautiful voice & talent. After all Priyanka started acting in album songs uploaded on YouTube & that album tracks where also loved by the audience & Priyanka bharali became one of the top singers from Assam . 

After this success she earned many awards including Gariyashi Award . along with singing &  acting , Priyanka also do live shows and events in Assam . Priyanka's album videos on Youtube are also very popular . 

Songs by Priyanka bharali